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JAG Physical Therapy
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Hindy EngelHindy Engel
15:14 29 Feb 24
Shraddha is amazing and so understanding and caring! Highly recommend Jag One PT!
leticia tantengcoleticia tantengco
23:40 22 Feb 24
It's truly an amazing experience working out with Doc Shraddha Wagh. She's doing a great job and she has to be commended. I like the way she treats her patients. She' s very patient & knowledgable in her work. She's truly an asset to Jag - One Physical Therapy & will surely recommend her to others. She's an amazing lady!
Maddie RizzoMaddie Rizzo
14:35 15 Jun 23
I am beyond thrilled with my service here at JAG-ONE. I have only worked with Shraddha and Donna and they are both amazing. They are not only incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in their craft but also possess a genuine passion for helping people heal. They took the time to thoroughly evaluate my condition, tailoring each session to address my specific needs. They have both always made me feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. I have to also mention that Desiree at reception is so helpful and kind and completes the JAG-ONE team. They have all made my experience here nothing short of exceptional and I could not be more grateful.
15:14 15 Apr 22
I would definitely recommend Connect Physical Therapy. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Their expertise has helped me with my issues. I'm so thankful for Connect PT!
15:06 23 Feb 22
Mark FriedmanMark Friedman
21:36 27 Jan 22
Very pleased with the level of professionalism and knowledgeablestaff. Very respectful and discreet about some "sensitive" issues. Highly recommended.
Kristine MonahanKristine Monahan
13:22 23 Jan 22
The therapists at Connect are miracle workers ! Before meeting them, I had been coping with an overactive bladder for YEARS. The frequent "need" to pee had me dreading long car trips and dragging myself out of bed four or five times every single night. The simple breathing exercises they taught me changed all that! Now, I can go hours without searching for a bathroom and sleep soundly through the night. Thanks to these wonderful women, my bladder is no longer the boss of me!
George NicholasGeorge Nicholas
01:28 22 Sep 21
I have been rehabbing after significant shoulder surgery. The level of care from physical therapists Cynthia and Donna has been exceptional and I've regained 95% of my range of motion in a relatively short period of time. Christina at the front desk is also very kind and incredibly helpful in regard to scheduling. I would definitely recommend the Team at Connect PT in Howell.
02:23 02 Jun 21
I can’t recommend this place enough! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was told I needed physical therapy. I’m so glad I found Connect Physical Therapy!My physical therapist is Cynthia Chernyavsky, and she’s amazing. She’s really helped my pain and gives you exercises and stretches to work with at home and really makes sure that you understand them and check in with you to make sure you’re not doing more harm then good. I have a lot of confidence in her ability to help.Also she is a very kind and caring person. I have a very hard to pronounce name and she took the time to learn to pronounce it correctly, just as an example of the little things she does that shows she cares. She’s also very good at being considerate of your time and any issues you maybe having. For instance I have ADHD, which gives me issues with memory. She printed out informative guides for me for the exercises so that I can refresh myself at home as often as I need to. It was so refreshing to have a doctor that was interested in treating the person instead of just the single problem they came in for.She is always communicating with you, and if one thing is not getting the desired results, she’s got something else to try! She strikes me as very knowledgeable in her field and I have confidence that working with her will really help with the problems I’ve been having. I’ve already seen improvements working with her and I’m so grateful. I feel like I had more or less consigned myself to always being in some level of pain for the rest of my life, but now I have hope for a better future.Thank you so much.Also, I should add that the office staff is good, on top of things and gets back to you promptly.The office itself is clean and very nice, as are the rooms. They have a lot of different equipment on hand there to help with the various helpful exercises, and I always spot them cleaning them-usually both before they hand it to me and again after, so I alway have faith that what I’m using is clean.Appointment wise, it’s pretty easy to get something that works with my schedule, and they are prompt with seeing you, I don’t think I’ve ever waited more then a few minutes.I’ve also worked with another physical therapist there named Donna, and I would recommend her as well! :)You can’t go wrong going here.
17:10 11 May 21
Over a year ago I was rear ended by a semi-truck. Not only I was in constant pain, but also had post surgery problems. One of them was bladder problem. I went to a urogynecology specialist and I was told, that I can address my problem with pharmaceuticals, botox injections or implant, that would stimulate sacral nerve. I’ve asked if there is an alternative option, other than meds or invasive procedures. I was told I can try therapy, but it won’t help much. The doctor, that saw me, didn’t really treat my symptoms seriously, because she claimed, I have strong muscles, so I shouldn’t have problems, I state I have. I was very frustrated with the result of the visit, but I’ve decided to look for a therapist anyways. After long research I found Connect Physical Therapy. My first visit was with Cynthia Chernyavsky. I told Cynthia about my symptoms, accident, what problems I would like to address and she proceeded with examination. It is a very personal examination and it is not easy, but Cynthia was very respectful and gentle. Turns out I was completely misdiagnosed by a urogynecology doctor. My muscles weren’t super strong, they were constricted all the time, due to post-accident spinal cord injury. Cynthia taught me several breathing techniques and exercises I can do at home and for the first time in a year I see an improvement when it comes to my bladder. Not only that, my heart rate dropped from constant 125-135 beats per minute, to 65bpm. I am more relaxed and calm. After accident I saw numerous therapists and doctors, but I always felt like they were disregarding my symptoms and not listening to me. Cynthia is the first person who actually listens to me, takes my symptoms into consideration, respects me as a patient. She is only specialist, that I am actually happy to see, because I know, that with every visit I am getting better. I am not just sitting there, stressing and anticipating pain - which actually adds to the problems - I am happy to be there, because Cynthia’s treatments help tremendously. I would like to recommend Cynthia to everyone. If you have bladder, pelvic floor problem, etc, please do not hesitate, call Connect PT and schedule visit with Cynthia. You will get better, I guarantee it.
22:29 22 Apr 21
The team at Connect PT is outstanding. They care about you as an individual and follow your progress very closely. The exercises they recommend have been extremely effective in helping me rehabilitate my foot after an injury. I am recommending them to all my local clients and friends who need physical therapy.

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