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Certified Manual Therapy

Hands-on Healing with a Wide Range of Benefits

For all the amazing equipment available in Physical Therapy, certain treatments are still best given by the healing hands of a trained physical therapist.

At JAG PT, we view manual therapy skills as an important foundation for the knowledge and care our physical therapists put into their training and practice. Manual therapy techniques are fundamental to our understanding of your body, of any difficulty you're experiencing from your diagnosis or condition, and of the healing methods we can use to restore your wellbeing.

Manual therapy may be one part of a comprehensive program, yet even on its own, it can yield restorative benefits for patients of all ages and abilities.

Manual Therapy: Hands-On Physical Therapy

“Orthopedic Manual Therapy” includes any form of care where a physical therapist provides treatment with his or her hands. Through a series of manual therapy techniques, a clinician can increase your blood flow, tissue flexibility, and range of motion. Manual therapy can also reduce pain, reduce swelling or inflammation, help repair tissue, and induce relaxation.
In our manual therapy program, a JAG PT physical therapists will use specific skills to adjust and stimulate tissue.

Ultimately, we'll help you improve body function and live at the best of your ability as an active, vibrant person.

Specific forms of Manual Therapy include:

  • Lymph drainage – Draining the lymphatic system, usually from an upper extremity or lower extremity (arm or leg) back toward the heart, filters waste and activates your immune system, thus helping fight infection and improve energy levels, mental clarity, and overall health.
  • Manual Traction – This practice refers to manual pulling of joint structures to create separation, alleviate tension, and increase joint mobility in your joints.
  • Massage – A massage can induce relaxation, improve circulation, and alleviate joint dysfunction or stiffness in people of all ages and abilities. Therapists may use a series of techniques, including reflexology, trigger point release, sports massage, and more.
  • Joint Mobilization – The movement and rotation of the joints, (ranging from small, gentle movements to large, quick movements) can improve mobility in any selected part of the body.
    Passive Range of Motion – PROM is the movement of a patient's extremities while the muscles remain relaxed. PROM techniques can help alleviate upper extremity and lower extremity restrictions. It is often used for patients without the ability to move on their own.
  • Active Assistance Range of Motion – AAROM is the same in concept as Passive Range of Motion, except that it in involves active participation from the patient.

There is certainly some overlap between these various skills and techniques. They will typically be combined into a comprehensive program that's personalized to meet your exact needs.

Manual Therapy programs can treat a variety of conditions:

At JAG Physical Therapy, manual therapy treatment programs are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our trained clinicians complete a full examination process to determine any diagnosis of pain or bodily restriction, and to customize their treatment approach to your needs.

Your patient care program will be a step-by-step plan, involving regular visits to a JAG PT location and exercises assigned for at-home practice. Your physical therapist may adjust treatment details as your recovery progresses over the course of your personalized treatment program.

It's important to work with a clinician who's confident in their training and abilities, so you can feel relaxed, at home, and comfortable in your manual therapy treatment program. Jag's physical therapists are always certified, experienced, and passionate about helping you on your road to recovery, so you can be confident you're receiving top care, from a team that cares.

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