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Learn More About Wellness By Design Fitness Classes with JAG PT
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Learn More About Wellness By Design Fitness Classes with JAG PT

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JAG Physical Therapy’s fitness services span a wide range of offerings – we have something for everyone. See our slate of specialized fitness training courses below, or contact us for more information on class availability, scheduling, and more.

Personal Training

Get Results with One-on-One Instruction

If you are looking for individualized guidance to meet your fitness goals, then JAG PT’s personal training services are built for you. Your trainer will help you determine the right fitness plan based on your own wellness wants and needs, and our commitment to client education means that we’ll give you an effective regimen you can follow every day.

Group Training

Fitness is Better with Friends

For those who prefer to exercise in a friendly group setting but still want individual attention, JAG PT offers group training sessions for 2 to 4 people. Group training is a great way to blend expert instruction from a personal trainer with the motivation that comes from having friends cheering you on. Please have names and contact information for all group members ready when you sign up.

Team Training: Strength & Conditioning

Working Together On and Off the Field

At JAG Physical Therapy, we believe athletic training and injury prevention are necessary during and after the season for athletes at all levels to compete at their best level, stay healthy, and find overall wellness.

Our team training sessions are each overseen by a doctor of physical therapy, and our many satisfied professional athlete clients can attest to the results. We assess each team member for ACL injury and other risks during the initial session, then build a comprehensive program aimed at athletic development goals on both a personal and team level.

We look at the following factors and many more in order to maximize performance:

  • Power-to-Weight Ratio: Run faster, jump higher, be more explosive
  • Anaerobic Threshold: Get into game shape, be able to push yourself harder, delay fatigue
  • Aerobic Capacity: Increase your ability to recover, practice longer

A minimum of 5 participants are required for team training sessions.

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PEP Program

Run with Confidence and Mitigate ACL Tear Risks

Our Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) program educates athletes to avoid injuries in common problem areas, particularly the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This approximately 3-week program consists of a warm-up, stretching, strengthening, plyometrics, and sport specific agilities to address potential deficits in the strength and coordination of the stabilizing muscles around the joint. We emphasize correct posture, straight up and down jumps without excessive side-to-side movement, and soft landings.

Athletes who train with JAG PT’s PEP program are able to avoid vulnerable positions, increase flexibility and strength, and find better proprioception through agility training.


JAG PT’s kickboxing courses focus on full-body conditioning through high intensity striking. We combine guided punching and kicking combinations with correct form on heavy bags with speed, agility, and plyometric exercises, all with the right biomechanics in mind and an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance and performing explosive movements safely. All levels are welcome.

Aquatic Personal Training & Aquatic Group Fitness Classes

Our aquatic fitness program is a great way to change up your exercise routine in a friendly setting. Our heated indoor pools can accommodate people of all swimming skill levels with both shallow and deep water training. The buoyant properties of water protect joints, even for people with arthritis, during rehabilitation or after injury, as well as providing effective resistance. Aquatic exercise has been proven to reduce blood pressure, lower pain, and increase flexibility.

Cross Training for Runners

JAG PT is committed to training running enthusiasts at every skill level in dynamic warm-ups, metabolic conditioning, strength building for sprinting and distance running, and yoga stretching. We also focus on injury prevention, gait analysis, and active recovery.


Jag’s Wellness By Design bootcamp focuses on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), incorporating advanced strength and conditioning machines, free weights, cardiovascular training, battle ropes, tire rolling, and more intense techniques to deliver a full-body workout with safety and expertise.

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Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by joining our Wellness by Design fitness classes. With a variety of options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect class to meet your fitness goals. Our experienced instructors will provide guidance and support, helping you achieve your best. Find a JAG PT location offering Wellness By Design fitness training today or contact us to learn more.