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P Lash (Djamet)P Lash (Djamet)
22:05 01 Mar 24
I have to express my ultimate thanks to Dr Alafeyah Lokhandwala ar JAG Physical Therapy Ctr. for taking my pains away. I had numbness and an annoying pain of my right leg. I thought I was losing my mobility of my leg but I came to JAG's not only did my doctor explain what was going on with my leg and brought me back from the agony of my pain. She is fully caring and listened to my concerns to calm my fears. The staff is also 👌 just as caring to your needs. Everyone were all leaving more satisfied with their care. My thumbs up to them all. This was a very satisfying experience 😌 THANK YOU to Dr. Lokhandwala and JAG's staff.
maya Ortizmaya Ortiz
21:33 20 Feb 24
Avoid this physical therapy facility at all costs. Despite the seemingly positive reviews, it's the worst place you could choose. I've been to numerous facilities over the past decade, and this one falls short in every aspect. The space is cramped and cluttered, leaving no room for personal belongings. Hygiene is lacking as machines are not properly sanitized between uses. During my evaluation with therapist Taruna, I was not adequately assessed, and she lacked proficiency in guiding my treatment. The main PT, Ouber, often had to intervene due to her lack of expertise. Taruna demonstrated carelessness by neglecting to monitor my form during exercises and failing to provide at-home exercises as promised. Save your time and insurance money by avoiding this place altogether. Trust me, there are far better options available.
Ethan ChaissonEthan Chaisson
01:45 06 Feb 24
Excellent experience recovering from a fractured arm. Would definitely recommend.
Gregory ThomasGregory Thomas
04:47 24 Jan 24
As a candidate for hip replacement surgery, I recently starting experiencing pain, discomfort and a limited range of motion, an experience that was seriously affecting my way of life. My doctor thought that I was having problems with my piriformis muscle (as an athlete, I didn't even know that muscle existed!!) and that I needed to consider physical therapy. Based on travel and convenience, I came across the JAG-ONE Physical Therapy office located at 16 Court Street. I have been going there now for about a month, and the team led by my assigned physical therapist, Alafeyah Lokhandwala, has worked magic!! Alafeyah immediately diagnosed my problem, and developed a plan of action that has quickly increased my range of motion, increased my flexibility, and has begun to strengthen my core, all of which is critical as I head towards the date for my surgery. Most important about my experience at the 16 Court Street location is that EVERY staff member is friendly, caring and they remember EVERY visitor's name and their reason for coming. This trait is huge, because the staff is working with clients at their potentially most challenging moment in life, and having someone who takes the time to care about you in this way is huge! Hats off to the JAG-ONE team at 16 Court Street!!!
Antonio Sanchez JRAntonio Sanchez JR
19:14 23 Jan 24
Alafeyah Lokhandwala is a great physical therapist. Everyone else in the office are also great, respectful, kind, and helpful. I will recommend anyone to go there for physical therapy 16 Court St., 5floor Brooklyn, New York
ivy josephivy joseph
20:02 09 Jan 24
Amir and Bryan treated me. They did a great job giving me physical therapy
Paul VenturaPaul Ventura
15:31 24 Oct 23
This is good place they treat you like family,my physical therapist Alafeyah lokhandwala she is the best she makes sure you feel better every time I come in.I would refer anyone to come in to get better.Thank you jag one and Alafeyah lokhandwala you guys are the best.
16:42 19 Oct 23
JagOne @ 16 Court Street, (Brooklyn location) is exceptional. The whole staff are careful with clients. The staff member that stands out to me is Alafeyah Lokhandwale (Physical therapist), top notch and really knows her job. Highly recommended.
Michele HauserMichele Hauser
22:58 13 Oct 23
Shweta is a standout PT.
Kai TrinidadKai Trinidad
21:38 12 Oct 23
I was going here for left knee pain. I can honestly see the difference and less pain in my knee since I started doing PT here. I always see Turina for PT, and she’s great. Very helpful, pushes me when I’m being lazy, but has truly made me see positive results. And for that I am forever thankful. I also like the PT Assistant Frank, he creates a warm, positive and inviting atmosphere, an environment you want to do PT in. I would definitely recommend going here for PT, if you want to see results!
04:21 12 Oct 23
I've had a wonderful experience in this place so far. I would recommend Jag-One to anyone. The therapists are very professional, friendly, kind, knowledgeable and you can tell they love what they do. I have been treated exceptionally and given the best treatment. I have come to this place pre- op and currently going after my ACL Reconstruction and Meniscal repair. I am progressing substantially and I have seen others recover well too. I would recommend Physical Therapist TARUNA!! She is amazing! Very encouraging, super kind, and I can say I’ve learned a thing or two from her. A true genius with magic hands!. Also a shout out to Frank he’s one of the PT assistants and he is fantastic!!. Over all, this is a great place to start healing.
Carmen TorresCarmen Torres
21:29 04 Oct 23
Jag---16 Court Street Bklyn, NYWhen my Dr. suggested physical therapy I said sure why not. Not expecting to follow through. Upon insistence of my spouse I made the call. I made the appointment 😌.The team.Nate at the front desk is very courteous.I meet Ty (Turunda) who has helped me so much. Example: I was told by doctors that I had neuropathy of my feet and there was no cure. Well I feel my feet again and I feel ticklish at pedicures. She has helped me so much more.The team is amazing.Stephanie is all about making sure that you are comfortable and helps you with your routines.Frankie, is an old soul with a nack for making a great ambiance. Also very attentive to our needs. BtW music is awesome.Honestly I'm grateful that I followed through.If you need therapy ✨️ give it a go. This team is great.Thank you guys
Andrew MitchellAndrew Mitchell
15:51 21 Sep 23
I have had a wonderful experience at JAG, especially with my trainer Alafeya. She's smart, really good at what she does and is professional. I'm very critical, and I can say, that the staff at JAG is cool!
raphael krantzraphael krantz
20:08 29 Aug 23
I've been coming to Jag-One for a back injury. My physical therapist- Shweta Shenoy, was comprehensive and thorough, and always remained aware of my progress and activity. She, as well as the rest of the staff were helpful and kind. The facilities here are excellent as well. I highly recommend Jag-One.
Damon RowlandDamon Rowland
21:38 04 Nov 22
I have had a great experience at this downtown Brooklyn (16 Court St) location.Kesha is everything you want in a physical therapist. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s hyper attentive to the little details. Kesha can always find that one spot that is tight/tender/painful, etc. and she knows how to handle it.Kesha also keeps the bigger picture of your recovery in mind and she’ll keep you on track as you move along that arc of recovery. She’ll make sure your form is on point and will take the time to explain things in an easy to understand manner.I think it is important to note that Kesha will meet you where you’re at and will go with you at a pace and exertion level that is as comfortable (or aggressive and uncomfortable as you want). It has been a long journey, but I’m very thankful for Kesha and the entire downtown Brooklyn Jag One team for helping me step by step get back to where I need to be.
Okhee RyuOkhee Ryu
20:56 22 May 22
I got hurt my right shoulder by over using for years. When I called to make an appointment, Joan helped me very kindly through all the insurance work. Kashi, the best therapist makes my shoulder much better, so I feel almost normal now. Thank Frank, Summer and ladies who make further schedule so quickly.
Stephanie RStephanie R
01:45 10 Feb 22
I travel from Harlem for therapeutic services and they're awesome.Speaking candidly, I entered with excruciating pain and not in the best mood because of it, but after 2 weeks of good counsel and intentional exercise, I feel so much better. It can be stressful fitting another need into an already packed day, but they never hurry you and show the greatest flexibility in scheduling to accommodate when they can.
Kevin BuckKevin Buck
18:38 30 Jan 22
Jesse and the team have been great during my recovery. They are very knowledgeable and professional. They do a great job of monitoring progress and updating your program based on how your recovery is going.
Ioannis PouliosIoannis Poulios
18:41 11 Oct 21
I had raptured my quadricep tendon and after a month of my surgery I went to JagOne physical therapy In Brooklyn. They were great at helping me achieve fantastic progress in my recovery I would recommend them to anyone who needs the best people to help you reach your best results. Thank you Naimi, Kareem, Frank, Kim, and Nikole. There is no better place.
Yvette HarrisYvette Harris
18:17 01 Oct 21
I love the exercise that Tanya gives me.I hope to get more exercises to help me with progress of getting better.
Cynthia WilliamsCynthia Williams
19:06 03 Sep 21
I started Jag One July 16 2021 all mess up. My entire upper left side was non functioning. I chose to make Friday Mornings my go to day and I'm so glad I did. The Friday Morning crew is Awesome. The Team Work , The professionalism and the knowledge for what they do is Excellent. The Team works together like Clock Work NO lagging. Always on Point while being personable by addressing you by your name. It's always a good feeling when you're being address by your name. I am So grateful that I had a Team of professional to take care of me. I'm just about done and I feel so much better The FRIDAY MORNING TEAM is the Bomb Dot Com.. Thank You so much for helping me.
walter herringwalter herring
23:31 17 Aug 21
Courteous helpful staff. Attentive and compliant.Willing to hear my mental concerns then couple and address them along with my physical maladies.
Elizabeth BrownElizabeth Brown
15:50 01 Jul 21
Patricia MorefieldPatricia Morefield
15:18 09 Jun 21
Its a great place just out my way ,didn't have the carfare and co/pay

I just finished about 2.5 months of physical therapy for a hip injury at JAG and I have to say the quality of care was excellent. I mostly worked with Umair and he was remarkably knowledgeable and thoughtful – he spent much more time explaining my specific injury and details than my doctor did. All of the other therapists were friendly and great and it made it nicer to go to my PT sessions because it was clearly a healthy work environment where everyone on the staff is positive. The facility is straightforward with plenty of clean new equipment and everything is in good repair. It’s also located inside the Equinox, which is nice if you want to change or use the showers. The front desk, billing, and dealing with the insurance company were also all seamless. -Andrew K.

Jesse is one of the best physical therapist around. I went to three different PT places before coming here. This was the only place I felt there was a comprehensive treatment plan in place. Great communication! Whole staff is on the same page! Would recommend this location to anyone I know. -Daniel C.

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