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Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy: Pre-Injury
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Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy: Pre-Injury

When you teach your workers how to prevent injuries and maintain lasting fitness for their work, you help to eliminate paid down time, increase profit margins, and ultimately ensure productivity at your business.

JAG PT’s Workforce Wellness Program does much more than just cover your company's bases on injury prevention. This special training seminar has been developed through more than 15 years of experience by the Tri-State's leading team in physical therapy.

Your workforce receives:

  • Best practices for maintaining fitness and wellness on the job
  • Injury prevention training
  • Treatment methods for minor injuries
  • Nutritional health education, for long-term employee wellness

In addition, we offer pre-employment testing to assess the fitness of new hires, with the option of performing a functional movement screening (FMS)

Help reduce costs for your company, protect employees from injuries, and improve workforce morale and productivity — with our Workforce Wellness Program. Contact us to get started at a JAG PT location near you today.

Our experienced physical therapists will teach knowledge and techniques that offer mutual benefits for all members of your team by looking at the long-term holistic health of your business and its employees. This way, you'll be able to minimize workers’ compensation worries, and keep your business operating smoothly.

Our team's goal is to help your employees both perform their job duties and improve their overall fitness and wellness. We aim to leave your workers grateful for the professional and personal value they gain from this program.

Workforce Wellness Program

Stay ahead of on-the-job injuries and paid recovery time, with our Workforce Wellness Program. The program offers your workers a comprehensive education on injury prevention, injury treatment, nutrition, and fitness.

Importantly, worker's comp claims don't just apply to manual labor jobs. If your employee can prove that their chronic pain is linked to sitting or standing at work every day.

But don't worry. Our physical therapists have thorough knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and the various strains that can be put on our bodies throughout the workday. Whatever their job entails, employees will learn proper techniques for using their body strength on a daily basis and maintaining their long-term fitness.

You may benefit from our Workforce Wellness Program if your employees do any of the following strenuous activities:

  • Stand on their feet for long periods of time
  • Sit at a desk all day
  • Bend and stretch to reach items
  • Lift and carry loads or items
  • And more

By learning injury prevention, your employees will be less likely to get hurt on the job, and you will benefit from fewer workers’ compensation claims.

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Injury Prevention

Many employees jump into their jobs without knowing the right techniques for lifting, bending, standing, sitting, or working on their feet.

Your workers will learn how to care for their bodies, especially their back, neck, shoulders, and cores, to minimize strains and pain that happen at work. They'll also learn how to develop their range of motion to further prevent injuries on the job, along with exercises and stretches for the lower back to help prevent injuries that would develop over time.

Injury Treatment

We also educate employees about treating minor injuries if they do experience one. This helps ensure that a small problem doesn’t turn into a workers’ compensation case, which in turn helps save time and money.

Our goal here is to help employees recognize when they might be experiencing a minor strain or soft tissue injury that hasn’t yet accelerated to the point of needing a doctor or physical therapist. By caring for themselves with hot or cold application, gentle stretching, and rest — they can prevent small issues from becoming serious injuries.

Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Attending JAG PT’s Workforce Wellness Seminar helps prevent these issues by getting ahead of problems before they occur.

Common workers’ compensation injuries addressed include:

Pre-employment Testing

We also offer pre-employment testing, a physical evaluation that covers all body mechanics to assess ability before employees start working. Here, a physical therapist will assess workers to make sure they're physically ready to handle their workload.

We may test prospective employees' stamina, strength, range of motion, blood pressure, major vitals, and more. Our physical therapists may also ask whether your employees are experiencing pain from certain relevant activities. 

Functional Movement Screen

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an optional phase to pre-employment testing that identifies any deficiencies in a person’s physical ability and then recommends a customized exercise program to improve them. These comprehensive evaluations also give employers a baseline for the status of workers' physical abilities.

Our Monthly Health & Wellness Articles

Being a part of the JAG PT community means you get access to our monthly Health & Wellness articles. These articles provide you and your staff with knowledge on subjects like:

  • Gentle stretches for back injuries
  • How to get the most out of physical therapy
  • How to best get through a rehabilitation and recovery
  • Managing and reducing pain on the job
  • When to seek a consultation with a doctor
  • When to seek physical therapy
  • Staying fit in a sedentary job
  • Exercises recommended by a neck-and-shoulder therapist

And much more.

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Don’t wait until you have a hurt employee and a workers’ compensation claim.

To register for our Workforce Wellness Program, or for more information, contact us or visit a JAG PT location near you today.

Our team is here to provide you with quality services that put you one step ahead of unnecessary losses in time, money, and human resources — helping to ensure continued smooth operations at your company.