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Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)
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Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

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POET, Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing, is used to ensure that a candidate is physically able to complete the physical demands of the job for which they are applying. At JAG Physical Therapy, we offer Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing to any client in the state of New Jersey.

Employers are recognizing the rising cost of work-related injuries. The use of preventive tools to assess a candidate's functional abilities prior to job placement is instrumental in hiring the right candidate for the job. 

Early employment-related screening programs are measurable indices of success in decreasing overall injuries: 

  • Accurate physical demands analysis (PDA)
  • Review of clear, acceptable criteria
  • Standardized objective testing
  • Occupational and job-specific testing
  • Ergonomic assessment & proper lifting techniques 

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 specifies that all medical evaluation of employees must be “'job related and consistent with business necessity”, and JAG PT helps employers comply with this requirement and many other important standards. After all, “safety is no accident”.

Reasons for Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing

  • Employing candidates who meet objective job standards
  • Reducing the frequency and severity of work-related injuries
  • Ensuring all employees have the physical capacity to perform their jobs
  • Decreasing overall insurance-related costs, which may rise due to injuries on the job
  • Improving safety standards and awareness
  • Acting in accordance with policies and procedures within the employer’s handbook
  • Finding out if a potential candidate does or does not meet job requirements

Although workplace accidents can result in injuries, even for able-bodied persons, the most usual cause of on-the-job injury is an employee’s inability to perform job duties.

Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing in New Jersey

JAG Physical Therapy proudly offers POET services at the following locations:

West Orange

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