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03:53 20 Apr 24
cool and friendly assistant and therapist, but very rude receptionist. just because it's my last visit to their clinic, she think she can just humiliate me, just because im 5 mins late to appointment. she need to learn how to customer service, and not toss us out like garbage, when there's no more "value" she can squeeze out of us!
ludmila khaykinaludmila khaykina
23:22 03 Apr 24
I have constant pain in the neck and lower back, but I didn’t like going to physical therapy because it takes a lot of time and didn’t help for long, but a friend told me that JAG physical therapy is different from others, I finally decided to try it and now it’s my favorite gym with a free personal trainer 🙂 physiotherapy, which helps me learn how to take care of myself at home. I am learning to do the exercises correctly for my needs with the help of professional physiotherapists. All the girls are wonderful, very hospitable and kind.. I especially like Dipika. after the manipulations she does in In the end, I feel my pain decrease..PS, be patient. at first it seems that there are no results, but if you are lazy, like me, to do yourself at home, then the result will be excellent a little later! Thank you very much to all the staff and girls at the front desk.
Liudmila RebroLiudmila Rebro
06:36 01 Apr 24
It was great!
Richard ColuccioRichard Coluccio
23:56 08 Mar 24
Niyati the PT and staff were all professional, courteous, friendly and made me feel better in just the few weeks that I have been going there. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of physical therapy. A special thanks to Niyati who brings a smile to my face just listening to my jokes and humor.Richard Coluccio.
The best service
Ольга Т.Ольга Т.
14:07 04 Mar 24
I didn’t like the physical treatment here at all. Mostly because of their woman at the reception. They set a time for 7:30 am, but they arrive almost at 8 am. The woman at the reception with dreadlocks is absolutely unfriendly and does not cooperate. As a result, they didn’t sign me up for the last day of the procedures, since they supposedly didn’t have time in the morning.
00:06 18 Feb 24
Besa BelliuBesa Belliu
13:49 14 Feb 24
Abdulla PuchakhovAbdulla Puchakhov
18:07 27 Jan 24
People here are very kind, professional and always there for you to assist you in any question. Thank you so much. Good job. Keep going this way to improve yourselves and make lives healthier and brighter.
vaxo buchukurivaxo buchukuri
13:01 23 Jan 24
Lillian TorresLillian Torres
14:37 18 Dec 23
I use to go some where else but Jag is the best. I have suggested it to other people. I absolutely love it there.
Vinny BernardoVinny Bernardo
20:20 30 Oct 23
5 Stars 100% from the friendly helpful front desk to the great , helpful and friendly physical therapists and extremely clean place. After my first appointment with Alex my area with pain finally felt relief. He is amazing. I would highly recommend
Olga YumakaevaOlga Yumakaeva
19:02 19 Oct 23
Leila SuleimenovaLeila Suleimenova
17:50 04 Oct 23
There are some people who understand that I need to be done there fast, because of my work or some other reason, and that is what I appreciate a lot. And felt very good after the visit. It helped me a lot.
12:49 27 Sep 23
I like this office. Polite staff. I especially recommend Dr. Alex Dekhtyarev!
21:49 05 May 23
When the orthopedist told me my back and leg pain was due to a slipped disc and that I should try physical therapy before considering a possible operation, I was a little skeptical given how much pain I was experiencing. Searching for physical therapists was a bit overwhelming at first since there were so many to choose from and my uncertainty on how to select one from the multitude. Fortunately, the second doctor (pain management, who gave me the epidural spine injection), mentioned JagOne as a good possible choice, and it turned out they have a facility just over a mile walking distance from my home, which worked out just about perfectly since it gave me a chance to workout my leg.So, I'm at appointment eight of a possible twelve recommended by the doctor, and already I'm back to riding my bike. Helen (the DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy) has been really helpful and answered all of my questions. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the facility is clean and well maintained, and I've been seen in a timely fashion for each of my appointments.Hopefully, I'll never need to come back (because, hey, pain, doncha know) once my current referral is fulfilled, but if I do I'll definitely come back here.
Walter ParsonsWalter Parsons
18:53 10 Nov 22
My name is John C. This is my second go round with Jag One for a different area of my body. When I called to make an appointment I first wanted to know if my therapist was still there. Told yes, I again requested the same physical therapist, Denys. I did this because over the years I've been treated by three other companies. The care and treatment I receive from Denys is a clear indication that he knows what he's doing. He spends the proper amount of time with me, never rushes. I completely feel that I am being treated by a superstar in the field of physical therapy.
Renee CameradaRenee Camerada
17:31 01 Nov 22
I have had a great experience at Jag One. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I have been going for 3 weeks for neck pain and I am already starting to feel better. The physical therapists are knowledgeable and really do a great job working out my tight muscles. The assistants are wonderful as well! I would highly recommend this location!!
marco pelcastremarco pelcastre
17:55 07 Oct 22
I’m hoping my recovery goes well and be able to go back to my regular life. I think after any surgery, what we need it’s a very professional physical therapist. This is my first time taking physical therapy, I’m on my 4th week of 20th, what I can say for now is that, Everyone is really friendly &Denys Dukhlenko OMG he is one of the kind! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Moy UtubeMoy Utube
17:00 05 Sep 22
I chose this office because it is close to my home and it has good reviews on the web. And I don’t regret it! I believe you won’t regret it either. Receptionist Sarah who greeted me with a warm smile, friendly and professional staff, cleanliness, strict Covid-19 protocol, no waiting time for my session, enough equipment - it won me from the first day of my visit here. I started PT two weeks ago for rehabilitation after surgery on my fractured ankle and already see results. Dr. Denys Duchlenko who is helping me to get on my foot, has great skills and knowledge in this field. He is explaining his patients what he is doing and what should be achieved with each manipulation and exercise. Simple exercises are changing to more complex. He said to me: PT means Pain and Torture but you are gaining your health back. Yes, it is painful, but I see my foot is slowly getting back to life. Denys is going above and beyond trying to give his attention and helping hand to each patient in the office. Because he cares of you. Even though he is working with someone else, he is checking on you or asks his aids to see how you are doing. I’m not familiar with all therapists there yet, but I see they are busy and working hard helping their patients. I’m glad that I found this place. I’m very thankful to Denys and all professionals there that are helping me to get my foot (and life) back. Natalia M.
20:37 29 Jul 22
I started physical therapy a few weeks back. Dennys works with me for the specific treatment that I need. The staff are very friendly and respectful so they deserve more than five stars.keep up the good work guys. Thank you.??????
Henry Adusei PokuHenry Adusei Poku
17:32 22 Jul 22
Great place to get your physical therapy done. Everyone from the front desk to the therapists and assistants are great and make everything very comfortable! Awesome service and team.
CM EngCM Eng
14:22 15 Jul 22
First impression of the place is it’s cleanliness and friendliness of the staff. The therapist and assistants were all very nice and helpful. I was recommended here by my Sports Medicine Dr for my shoulder and arm pain I have been experiencing for a few months as well as proximity to my home. Easy to access from bus and driving. After about 5 sessions, I felt a big difference already in terms of pain and range of motion level. This is the closest I felt to normalcy. The therapist (I believe her name is Jennifer..I apologize in advance if I got your name incorrect) is very nice, knowledgeable and she seems determined to help me get better. She is very gentle and conscious if I feel pain or not during the therapy. I highly recommend her and this clinic.
Katie AdavenKatie Adaven
14:42 08 Jun 22
Great physical therapy office with very knowledgeable, professional with very experienced staff. They go above and beyond for their patients. Denys is an amazing physical therapist and makes you feel very comfortable. He takes his time and talks with you to figure out the best approach to help relieve pain. I am so happy I found this place and will continue to recommend to everyone. Special thank you to all the aids (Denis, Al, Nat, Mo) & front desk (Sarah) for always being kind and accommodating. Always a good time and lots or laughs (and tears ?) 10/10 ?
Roman AkopianRoman Akopian
21:09 05 Jun 22
It was easy to make an appointment at Jag One Bensonhurst. The front desk staff was very friendly. The office looked very clean. The overall environment of the office was very positive. There was no wait time from when I came into office and throughout my appointment. The aides were nice and helped me with my exercises. The physical therapist was knowledgeable and helped me with my neck pain. I went there for two therapy sessions and feel much better neck pain stopped. I would continue with therapy but unfortunately I work cross country and needed to leave NY.
22:47 28 Apr 22
I LOVE this place!! If you need Physical Therapy, this place is THE BEST!EVERYONE here is so friendly, caring and professional!! The location is pretty convenient as well. Located on Bay Pkwy, btwn. Benson and Bath Aves.(closer to Benson). Just a short walk from 86th St., D train or B1 bus. You can even take the B6 or B82 bus down one stop, from 86th. I would DEFINITELY recommend this place for your PT needs.They also have OTHER locations.. so if this one is not convenient for you, just Google them, for a location NEAR YOU!!?
Hda BydHda Byd
19:03 22 Mar 22
Amazing staff! Denys and Jennifer are so good at what they do. The girls at the front, Erica and Sarah, are kind and accommodating. The aides Muhammad Usman, Al, Dennis are very helpful with every patient. Very happy with my treatment here!
Will JohnsWill Johns
16:05 05 Jan 22
The place is great. My mom came here before and recommended me. And it's been a great experience. Denys, Jennifer, Mohammed, and Annie are all really great. ???
Niveen AhmedNiveen Ahmed
03:06 31 Dec 21
I would like to thank JAG Physical Therapy for the treatment of my ankle after suffering from severe pain in the ligaments. Dr. Denys tried his best to relieve my pain. I am extremely grateful to this place for getting me better and returning me to my regular life without worrying about pain, special thanks to the Dr.Denys and all his laborers are a good team and very nice.
Alla KodranskyAlla Kodransky
14:50 23 Dec 21
What a great place. Great staff, very professional!!! I broke my arm and needed to find a great therapies. I found one here. Denis is amazing therapiest and has an amazing, kind personality. If you will come here for therapy, you will be as glad as I am that you found such an amazing place.!!!

An awesome atmosphere from the time you walk in until the time you leave. The staff is one of the best people you would meet at a doctor office they make you feel like your part of a family not juts a patient. Naomi is an awesome doctor. Joe and Todd always know how to make a person cheer up in every situation. I would definitely recommend JAG PT to everyone. -Mokhitobon S.

Very nice place, very nice staff members such as Mike, Joey, Todd and etc! Treat patients very kindly and they make sure you’re doing everything correctly so you don’t lose track of your exercises. Definitely recommend this to anyone who needs therapy in the Bensonhurst area to try out this place. A big 5 stars for you guys at JAG PT Bay Parkway! Keep up the great work! -Brandon D.

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