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Occupational Therapy

Regain your life and reconnect with the world through the help of JAG PT

Occupational and physical therapy improves your quality of life. Our compassionate team of occupational and physical therapists at JAG Physical Therapy works with you to help you regain your life. We use hands-on rehabilitation methods to support our patients in regaining their independence. Performing everyday tasks and activities with minimal intervention allows our patients to become more self-sufficient. 

Our state-of-the-art physical and occupational therapy services are provided by experienced therapists who are invested in your success and recovery. They work with patients in a variety of settings designed to mimic everyday activities involving physical movement, and our practice settings help patients perform daily activities and self-care. 

Every physical rehabilitation milestone our patients reach is a personal achievement for our team as well. We support you toward each accomplishment and celebrate every personal triumph.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

There is a range of health conditions and injuries that can affect individuals’ ability to perform everyday tasks normally. Whether you are born with a disability that affects the development of your motor skills, you suffer from chronic pain, or face another challenge to your mobility, occupational therapy can provide relief. 

Occupational and physical therapists help you restore body function and maintain your ability to complete everyday activities. This can include personal hygiene, cooking, driving a vehicle, or the type of controlled movement needed to safely navigate public spaces.

Habilitation, rehabilitation, and wellness promotion are central to the success of OT. Physical therapists work to improve an impairment through specific therapies designed to increase mobility, lessen pain, or promote the proper alignment of bones and joints. This can include exercises and massage, as well as other guided movements to help patients prevent future physical injuries.

The JAG PT Approach to OT

Our occupational therapists use a holistic approach during treatment that focuses on the well-being of the entire human body. Our team knows occupational therapies must consider not only why your abilities are impacted, but also factors in your life such as additional health concerns, your environment, and your daily activities. OT and PT therapy includes patient education. Information about the importance of home health practices that promote physical well-being and mental health are part of the protocol.

Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational therapy for children usually focuses on helping them thrive during regular childhood activities. OTs work with children who struggle to concentrate on schoolwork, have difficulty with daily activities, or who find it hard to play or interact with their peers. 

For example, our OTs might work with children with physical or developmental disabilities who need specific guidance and strategies to help them succeed in an educational, social, and home environment. Our team members can teach them how to improve gross and fine motor skills needed for daily tasks. 

Our OTs can even help children gain access to special equipment needed to build their independence.

Occupational Therapy for Adults

Occupational therapy for adults usually focuses on skills and activities associated with daily living. Individuals who struggle with basic or fine motor skills, and as a result are not fully independent, benefit from working with an occupational therapist. Our OTs can devise an individualized treatment plan that focuses on a patient’s goals and needs.

What Is the Difference Between Occupational and Physical Therapy?

Before we talk about the differences between occupational and physical therapy, let’s explore what makes the two fields similar. Both occupational and physical therapists work with patients using hands-on rehabilitative techniques. The common goal is to help people regain their ability to perform physical tasks with as much independence as possible. Both occupational therapists and physical therapists educate individuals on injury prevention and the healing process. 

When it comes to OT vs. PT, there is one main difference. Occupational therapists treat the whole person, whereas physical therapists focus on a specific impairment.

For example, an individual whose cognitive or developmental disabilities affect their motor skills would benefit from working with an occupational therapist. Someone who has a herniated disc in their spine, or a comparable injury, would work with a physical therapist to aid their recovery.

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Don't let a physical injury or disability prevent you from living your life to the fullest. At JAG Physical Therapy, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of OTs and PTs will work with you to create a treatment plan that helps you to tackle your goals head-on. We are the biggest cheerleaders on your quest to regain your independence and improve your total health and wellness. 

Before you wait another minute allowing your disability or impairment to dampen your days, take a step toward taking your life back.

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