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Physical Therapy in Elmhurst, Queens

JAG Physical Therapy Elmhurst: The Top Name in Queens for Sports Medicine, Spine Rehabilitation, and More

With a location convenient to both Queens Boulevard and I-495, JAG Physical Therapy Elmhurst is the PT provider northern Queens residents trust for all their musculoskeletal health needs. We serve local people from all walks of life with individualized treatment plans, designed by our empathetic PT team to accommodate your health conditions and your lifestyle.

Although we have a large variety of services available, some of our top specialties include:

TMJ Physical Therapy Treatment

Although the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a small area of the body, it’s still vital to everyday life. That’s because it connects the lower jaw to the skull, meaning the TMJ is used in common actions like talking and eating. Stiffness and pain in the TMJ can mean significant difficulty in daily activities, which is why JAG PT’s TMJ treatment program uses a variety of techniques to effectively and quickly restore this joint’s function to normal.

Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a student athlete, a professional player, or someone who just leads a physically active lifestyle, you’re sure to have physical health concerns relating to your participation in your sports of choice, whether it’s rehabilitating injuries or preventing them. JAG PT’s sports medicine specialists are just as passionate about keeping you healthy as you are about your athletic pursuits.

Balance/Gait Training

It’s easy to take proper balance for granted until something happens to disrupt it. A lack of balance while walking can impair your mobility, increase your likelihood of injury, and lead to other quality-of-life issues. Balance and gait training from JAG PT is ideal for runners, people who have suffered lower body injuries, and others who want to avoid leg pain or injury and improve the way they move.

If you have any questions about the specialized PT we offer or any other aspect of JAG Physical Therapy, contact us today.

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