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Spine Deformities
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Spine Deformities

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Our backs are a critical, unsung part of our bodies – they help us to do so much in our daily lives, from carrying furniture to running a race to simply resting. But it’s hard to notice the role the spine plays until something is wrong.

The spine consists of a complex system of vertebrae in the back and neck and discs that protect the spinal cord, an all-important part of our nervous system. As strong as the spine is, it can be susceptible to a number of deformities that can cause chronic pain, stiffness, weakness, or even more serious problems, and all in all severely impact quality of life.

The staff at JAG PT are NY, NY, and PA’s experts at treating spine deformities, and will find a custom treatment plan that helps you relieve pain, find a greater range of motion in your back, and restore your overall wellness. The longer you delay treatment for back pain, especially if you have a chronic spinal deformity, the more your condition may worsen and the more time you’ll lose to the inability to do the things you want. In some cases, treatment can provide some relief almost immediately.

Common Symptoms of Spine Deformities

Spine deformities include abnormal curvatures – kyphosis (hunchback), lordosis (swayback), and scoliosis – as well as spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), among others. Learn more about the consequences of these conditions below, or book an appointment with JAG PT today to have your spine evaluated and get on the road to relief.

Trunk Imbalance

When our spines are healthy, we can properly sense where we are in space and move all of our extremities the way we want – proper body control starts at the core. With a spinal deformity, the torso can come out of balance, causing not only difficulties with posture but a general sense of loss of balance, gait instability, and other issues.

Lack of Symmetry

Human bodies have bilateral symmetry, and apart from possible differences in strength and dexterity between dominant and non-dominant arms, for example, our left sides can move in the same way that our right sides do. A spine deformity can cause a feeling of asymmetry, causing a person to favor either their left or right side with each motion, putting them at risk of injury.

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Back Pain

Almost all spinal deformities result in back pain at some level, due to additional strain placed on the joints, muscles, and nerves. They can even lead to more severe injuries, neuropathies, strains, fractures, and other complications.

Leg Weakness of Numbness

A loss of feeling or strength in one leg in cases of spine deformity indicates a potentially serious neurological problem. Sometimes, the deformity can cause abnormal pressure on the sciatic nerve, or sciatica – which has the potential to result in severe, debilitating pain. Leg weakness or numbness is cause for seeking immediate medical evaluation, and physicians will often recommend physical therapy as part of a recovery program once an immediate course of treatment has been taken.

Breathing Difficulties

The changes in posture resulting from spinal deformities can put undue pressure on the rib cage and, by extension, the lungs. When this happens, the lungs cannot expand as much as they need to in order to breathe deeply, and it takes more effort. A person who’s not breathing at their best is at risk for exhaustion, discomfort, and even more severe issues.

Spine Deformities and Diagnosis

To evaluate a person for a spine deformity, a physician will give them a physical examination to determine the angle of their spinal curvature. An S- or C-shaped curve in the middle of the spine, causing it to bulge to one side, is scoliosis, while an abnormal forward curvature is called kyphosis and an abnormal backward curvature is called lordosis. These conditions will also result in postural changes that a doctor can observe.

Spine Deformities Treatment in NY, NJ, and PA

At JAG Physical Therapy, we’re well-equipped to help people with spine deformities rehabilitate with a wide variety of clinically-proven therapeutic techniques. These include the Schroth method, which helps those with a spinal deformity correct their bodily alignment in all three dimensions. People with spinal conditions can also benefit from training in proper use of corrective devices such as back braces, general spine rehabilitation, and manual therapy, all delivered by JAG PT’s empathetic, expert specialists on staff.

See a Physical Therapist to Prevent or Treat Spine Deformities

If you are experiencing spine deformities, don't wait to get the help you need. Contact JAG Physical Therapy today and start your journey to recovery. Schedule an appointment or come visit one of our over 100 locations through the Tri-State Area, and trust the experts at JAG Physical Therapy to get you back to the life you love!