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Physical Therapy in Bedminster (Lamington Road), NJ

JAG Physical Therapy Lamington Road: Compassionate Physical Therapy for Bedminster

Conveniently located near Route 206, JAG PT Bedminster on Lamington Road offers skilled, empathetic physical therapy, with multiple specialized services all under one roof. Among many other therapeutic modalities, we concentrate on vestibular therapy, physical therapy treatment for TMJ disorders, sports medicine, manual therapy, and spine rehabilitation.

Although we treat all types of patients and conditions, some of our favorite therapeutic specialties include:

Vestibular Therapy

The vestibular system is what gives us our sense of balance. It is a delicate bodily system located in the inner ear, and when it's affected by a disorder, a patient's whole life can be made difficult by nausea, vertigo, and other conditions. Our vestibular physical therapy program focuses on the right exercises and techniques to get your vestibular system back to health and you back in balance. Learn more about vestibular therapy.

TMJ Treatment

JAG PT Lamington Road treats the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with the importance it deserves – this joint, connecting the jaw to the skull, is critical in our everyday lives. Our physical therapists will work with you to help relieve jaw tension and pain, and correct alignment.

Sports Medicine

Our expertise in sports medicine starts with our leadership. Our therapists have hands-on experience rehabbing pitchers who have undergone Tommy John surgery, among other types of athletic rehab, and our sports medicine staff is very passionate about athletics and empathetic to the needs of sportspeople.

Spine Rehabilitation

After a spinal surgery or injury, it's critical to get the best care to keep your whole back healthy. JAG PT Lamington Road offers expert spine rehabilitation that will provide you with a personalized exercise regimen that's best for your spine's condition. Learn more about spine rehabilitation.


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