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Vestibular Rehabilitation in NJ, NY, & PA

Vestibular rehabilitation is designed for people who suffer from vestibular dysfunction and related vestibular disorders. At JAG Physical Therapy, we offer vestibular rehabilitation for patients suffering from a vestibular disorder or dysfunction diagnosis. We understand how much this issue can affect your physical well-being, and offer the treatment plan you will need to feel your best and live a normal, healthy life.

What is Vestibular Dysfunction?

The vestibular system consists of the parts of the inner ear and the brain that process the sensory information necessary for controlling balance and eye movements. When a vestibular dysfunction or disorder occurs, whether by injury or disease, one can experience severe imbalance issues and nauseating dizziness, making activities of daily living and exercise extremely difficult. Unfortunately, the onset of these symptoms can cause the afflicted to adopt a sedentary lifestyle if not addressed quickly and appropriately. A sedentary lifestyle, as we all know, can create additional issues for one’s health and body and therefore it is important to get the help and proper treatment you need when it comes to vestibular dysfunction.

Diagnosing Vestibular Dysfunction

Vestibular dysfunction and vestibular disorders are somewhat tricky to diagnose, as they require several tests to ensure the dizziness and/or vertigo is not related to a different health condition. A primary care physician, ENT or neurologist is responsible for diagnosing a vestibular disorder, due to the testing involved. After a diagnosis is made, treatment can begin to help patients suffering with vestibular disorders and dysfunctions.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

There are several different treatments, or combinations of treatments, which patients suffering from vestibular disorders will need in order to begin living symptom-free. JAG Physical Therapy offers vestibular rehabilitation, a type of treatment that should be included in any vestibular treatment plan. Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based program designed to address the primary symptoms of this disorder: vertigo and dizziness, gaze instability and imbalance.

Vestibular rehabilitation begins with a one-on-one evaluation with one of JAG Physical Therapy’s physical therapists, who will work with the patient to determine the exact signs and symptoms the patient is dealing with in order to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses these issues.

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Do you suffer from dizziness, instability, vertigo or other symptoms related to vestibular dysfunction? If so, contact the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy to find relief from these symptoms through our proven vestibular rehabilitation therapy program. With over 100 locations across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, JAG Physical Therapy is the trusted provider of vestibular rehabilitation and is here to help you feel yourself again.

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