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Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

Lateral epicondylitis is a painful orthopedic condition that’s more commonly known as tennis elbow. This type of tendinopathy, which makes the outside edge of the elbow hurt and feel tender, is quite common in people between the ages of 35 and 60. However, it’s not at all limited to tennis players – anyone could be affected, and potential risk factors include overextension of the back of the forearm while playing sports, working, or doing home renovations (such as painting walls). Since tennis elbow is idiopathic – the direct cause is unknown – the best treatment options focus simply on reducing pain and restoring function, and physical therapy is optimal for treating this condition.

JAG Physical Therapy is the tri-state area’s expert regional source for tennis elbow recovery – whether it’s in NY, NJ, and PA. Our highly trained staff members are focused on helping people from all walks of life rehabilitate elbow conditions, among other specialties, and the sooner you get started treating your tennis elbow, the better you’ll feel and the faster you’ll be able to get back to normal. Find your local JAG PT clinic, book your initial evaluation, or read below to learn more about tennis elbow.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is particularly categorized by pain in a localized area. The anatomical area affected is called the lateral epicondyle of the humerus – this is where important elbow ligaments and tendons are attached to the outer part of the arm. The resultant pain naturally makes the affected arm more difficult to use for everyday tasks. Pain tends to worsen when the wrist is extended against resistance or flexed, like when gripping or lifting an object, and aggravating the pain with these types of movement can make it seem to shoot down the forearm.

Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow

Medical imaging is not used if tennis elbow is suspected. Instead, the diagnosis is wholly based on the patient’s description of their symptoms and a physical examination. A physician will especially look for pain when the wrist is bent back, because this is heavily associated with tennis elbow.

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Tennis Elbow Treatment

If you are diagnosed with tennis elbow, your physician may prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain medication. However, there are other proactive ways to take on your symptoms and get painless arm functioning back more quickly. JAG PT can guide you in the use of ice packs and heating devices and interspersing movement with rest to reduce discomfort without sacrificing activity. Our expert staff can recommend the best tennis elbow exercises for your lifestyle, helping you relax tightness in the forearm and reduce problems with the tendons and ligaments.

JAG PT’s occupational therapy specialty can assist you in adapting your arm movement to accomplish the activities of daily living even with tennis elbow symptoms, such as with the use of wrist and elbow orthotics, and our orthopedic rehabilitation and manual therapy programs are also ideal for helping to relieve tennis elbow pain.

Tennis Elbow Prevention

If you are a racquet sport athlete or generally feel your arm may be prone to tennis elbow in your recreational or work pursuits, Jag’s sports medicine program can help you reduce your risk. And, if your physician recommends surgery as a last resort, we can help you prepare better and recover better with pre- and post-operative PT.

See a Physical Therapist to Treat Tennis Elbow

If you’re suffering from tennis elbow and ready to get treatment for this form of epicondylitis, JAG PT is ready to help! Our exceptional physical therapy clinics across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York all have a great track record of helping people get relief from tennis elbow. Schedule an appointment now or contact us to learn more.