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Physical Therapy in Cedarhurst, NY

JAG Physical Therapy Cedarhurst: Nassau County’s Local Source for Vestibular Therapy, TMJ Treatment, and Beyond

With a convenient location on Central Avenue, JAG Physical Therapy Cedarhurst proudly provides general and specialized PT care to people from all walks of life in the Five Towns area. Our compassionate therapy staff will always work with you to design a custom rehabilitation plan that fits your lifestyle and targets your physical health needs.

Although we offer a large number of specialty treatment methods, some of our favorites are:

Spine Rehabilitation

Health conditions affecting the back, such as spine deformities and disc herniation, can have a heavy impact on your ability to participate in day-to-day activities and your quality of life. JAG PT’s spine rehabilitation specialists use all of their skill and empathy to heal your spine, relieve your back pain, and get you back to normal.

Sports Medicine

We know you’re serious about your athletic pursuits, whether you’re a student, a pro player, or just enjoy taking part in sports. That’s why our sports medicine team is equally dedicated to keeping you healthy and active, and even getting you back on the field after you rehabilitate from an injury or other health condition.

Vestibular Therapy

The inner ear’s vestibular system regulates our sense of balance, which means any irregularity in this area of the body can make movement and coordination difficult and lead to symptoms such as vertigo and nausea. Our vestibular PT specialization employs a number of techniques to help people with vestibular disorders recover as quickly and easily as possible.

If you have any questions on the services JAG PT Cedarhurst offers or any other matter, please reach out to us online today.

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