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Physical Therapy For Back Injury: Back Pain Relief
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Physical Therapy For Back Injury: Back Pain Relief

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

How to Properly Manage Back Injuries

Back pain is most commonly inflicted by a back injury. The majority of reported back injuries are not severe, and are usually brought on by a person lifting or twisting. However, a more serious back injury caused by falling or tripping can lead to dangerous twisting of the spine, and will typically require back injury rehabilitation by a physical therapist.

Common Types of Back Injuries

Overall, there are two main types of back injuries: Spondylolisthesis and cervical radiculopathy. Spondylolisthesis happens when the vertebra slips, typically at the spine’s base. Cervical radiculopathy is defined by the damaged nerve function that occurs when a nerve root near the cervical vertebrae is compressed. Additional back injuries include:

Back Injury Signs and Symptoms

While there are certainly some back injuries that will reveal themselves right away, others might take a little longer for you to notice. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms after enduring a back injury of any kind, we strongly advise that you schedule a consultation with a JAG Physical Therapy team member:

  • Severe and persistent pain in the back
  • Recurring back pain at night
  • Back pain that prohibits normal, daily activities and behavior
  • Back pain that has lasted for over a month

Once a back injury occurs, be sure to watch out for these signs, as they are serious indicators that can reveal how severe the injury is, and what the physical therapist must do in order to assist you the best way that he or she can.

Physical Therapy Treatment Methods

Physical therapy exercises are crucial for back pain relief inflicted by a back injury. Once the back injury has had enough time to heal, a physical therapist can help patients still suffering from back pain with a variety of exercise methods. More passive physical therapy, done to the patient, may include heat and ice application, as well as electrical stimulation. A JAG PT physical therapist will also create a specific back exercise program for patients to do in the facility and at home. These exercises include stretching techniques, strengthening and low-impact aerobic conditioning.

See a Physical Therapist to Start Your Back Injury Recovery

Among our many outstanding physical therapy services, JAG Physical Therapy offers injury prevention and education program to patients suffering from back injury pain. The program aims to properly heal patients successfully while teaching them best practices for avoiding injury altogether. With over 100 convenient facility locations in both New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania we are happy to provide quality physical therapy care for those who have experienced a back injury. Please contact us by filling out an online form to start your recovery.