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Physical Therapy in Chatham, NJ

JAG Physical Therapy Chatham: Morris County’s Neighborhood PT Provider

With a convenient Main Street location, JAG PT Chatham is a multi-specialty physical therapy clinic serving the local area with vestibular therapy, TMJ rehabilitation, and much more. We’re proud to provide empathetic and skilled care with therapists who will work closely with you to develop an individualized plan.

All of our physical therapists are knowledgeable and caring, and can provide various kinds of specialized treatment.

Although we offer a wide variety of modes of care for different patient needs, some of our favorites include:

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The revolutionary anti-gravity treadmill program was developed using technology pioneered by NASA for preparing astronauts for space, and represents a new wave of movement training. Our physical therapy staff can assist you in the use of the anti-gravity treadmill to train and rehabilitate better with less stress on your body.

Vestibular Therapy

The vestibular system, located in the inner ear, is a little-known but crucial part of our daily functioning. If you have a vestibular disorder, you can experience loss of balance, vertigo, nausea, and other symptoms. At JAG PT Chatham, our trained physical therapists know the right exercise and rebalancing programs to get you back on your feet. Learn more about vestibular therapy.

Sports Medicine

If you have an interest in athletics, from the casual all the way up to the pro level, you know how disheartening it can be to get injured. We understand that, and our return-to-sport rehab and gait analysis programs can help you return to the field safely. Learn more about sports medicine.

JAG Physical Therapy
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Alberto GajanoAlberto Gajano
18:17 30 Dec 22
Konrad Roslonek is the best physical therapist around. For over 5 years I had really bad leg pain, nobody could figure it out. Once I described my pain he had me do a few exercises and the pain was gone within 5 minutes. Thank you!
Gina MandelbaumGina Mandelbaum
18:48 18 Oct 22
John, this will s Gina Mandelbaum. I have been working with Konrad since August 15th. He is beyond is incredible! I enjoyed working with him and his wonderful staff. You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful director! I hope all is well with you and your family. All the best, Gina.
Mona CarbonaMona Carbona
21:49 07 Oct 22
Konrad was great! Not only did he work on my issue, he took the time to work on my overall strength and balance. He and his team all work together and are very pleasant. I highly recommend their services.
Debra KesslerDebra Kessler
14:46 05 Aug 22
I can't say enough positive things about my experience at Jag in Chatham, and particularly with my physical therapist Konrad Roslonek. I've had to have therapy many times in the past for various injuries and problems, and I was a caretaker for my father who suffered many injuries so I've met and worked with a lot of therapists but none came close to this experience. When I arrived at JAG I couldn't even get dressed in the morning, my pain was so intense and I was walking with a pronounced limp. I'm 100% now. Konrad was by far the most knowledgable therapist I've ever worked with. He listened, and paid attention more than most, and wasn't just following a list. He always knew how to respond to any new problems or symptoms that popped up. He also challenged me to work harder than I normally would. He's the best I've seen, and I've seen a lot. The space and equipment are great. The vibe is positive. All the supporting therapists at JAG are also terrific. And while knowledge and skills are 99% of what matters, it also helped that everyone had great personalities, were fun, easy to talk to, easy to ask questions of, and made going to therapy enjoyable instead of something to dread. That's tough to do when people are in pain, but they pull it off. The front desk team are amazing- and that really matters, because scheduling can be difficult. Always smiling, always knew my name, and always helpful with finding appointments. I hope I never have to have therapy again but if I do, I won't even hesitate to come back here.
Luke BlodgettLuke Blodgett
20:24 03 Aug 22
My overall experience here was excellent. It was a pleasure working with Konrad. Not only did he show me exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding my injured area, he also showed me how to fix it myself, if I ever tweaked it in the future. Any questions I had he was very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the answer. Every time he worked on me, I left feeling better. Thanks to Konrad I am back to being pain free.
Darren ShimwellDarren Shimwell
12:56 28 Jul 22
The JAG team are excellent. They take time to get to know you, they're knowledgeable and give a good variation of exercises and treatment to get you back to your best. I've been lucky enough to receive top class treatment multiple times after running-related injuries and gotten back to 100% quicker than I might have thought. I highly recommend this facility and the JAG team!
Elyse PepperElyse Pepper
20:19 13 Jul 22
Excellent treatment. Konrad and the team always explain what they are doing and the reason behind the treatment plan. They encourage questions and encourage patients to actively participate in their recovery.
karen delavankaren delavan
14:58 20 May 22
I’m working with Ryan currently on rehab post ACL replacement surgery. He is knowledgeable, calm, and compassionate, but also knows how to push me to keep the progress steady. I would definitely recommend him!
Ray DaughertyRay Daugherty
13:58 29 Apr 22
Wonderful staff. Clean facility. My gimpy back getting better every visit!
Denise ScottDenise Scott
18:14 08 Apr 22
Ryan is great! Knowledgeable, attentive and personable. The facility is modern and clean and spacious. All the staff that I have met have been great. Making lots of progress here. Compares very favorably to other PT facilities I have used
lark beyerlark beyer
16:44 08 Apr 22
Everyone is very knowledgeable, thorough, caring and kind.. I would give them 10 stars..
Bridget CrowleyBridget Crowley
17:48 03 Apr 22
Over the past 2 years, I’ve had to receive physical therapy for my hip and my back. The people at JAG in Chatham were amazing. ( goodbye to muscle relaxers and pain)I had total relief in my back by week 5. Total relief in my hip by week 12.I would most definitely recommend them. On top of solving my problems, the people working there are all kind, patient and just make everyone feel comfortable.
Beth DaughertyBeth Daugherty
21:25 30 Mar 22
Marie is caring and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I was referred by another friend and would highly recommend her PT services!
Constantine CoutrasConstantine Coutras
23:26 22 Oct 21
Excellent service at JAG One in Chatham NJ. Conner Stevenson is the best!

JAG PT is amazing. As an avid runner, they helped my torn calf and my tennis elbow heal without any setbacks. I have worked with Glen and Samantha in Chatham and both are excellent and pay attention their clients. They not only focused on the problem, they worked to strengthen areas around it and continue to challenge me to get stronger faster. I’m not back to running and without elbow pain in 6 weeks. THANK YOU! -Cindy W.

I love this facility , it’s home to me as I received my therapy for almost 10 months post my knee replacement and Jackie my main therapist was always warm, caring and very passionate about her job. She personally attends to every patient of her and she has very comforting nature. I am going to miss them as we are moving to California and every staff that works here is professional, friendly and kind. I have worked all my life in health care and I highly recommend this facility. -Ranjit S.

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