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Physical therapists understands the mechanics of bones, muscles, and joints. They treat a range of conditions and help you recover from chronic pain or injuries that limit movement and make everyday activities difficult.

While acute care from a healthcare provider is often important in treating chronic joint pain or trauma from accidents or sports injuries, physical therapists are also essential to the process. We provide hands-on therapy, help limit the duration of pain, and get you back to normal daily activities.

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Expert Physical Therapy Services at JAG PT

We offer you a wide range of physical therapy treatments.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist can help you regain the range of motion to perform daily tasks. A licensed physical therapist can work with your joints or back following an injury or to relieve pain due to repetitive motion. Occupational therapy aims to get you back to daily activities without chronic pain.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine involves diagnosing, treating, and preventing sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. The goal of PT and AT in sports medicine is to help athletes perform at an elite level after recovering from an injury by undertaking a well-designed and customized plan tailored for the specific motions needed for their sport.

Industrial Rehabilitation

Workplace injuries can come from trauma, repetitive motion, or strains. Falls, lower back pain, and spine conditions are common work-related conditions. A physical therapist can relieve pain and help the patient return to work or prove a disability.


Teletherapy is a convenient alternative to visiting a physical therapy clinic. Teletherapy is a video call where a licensed physical therapist directs the patients in movements and stretches to aid recovery. This treatment option is primarily for mild conditions like sprains, strains, and late-stage post-surgical rehabilitation. Insurance coverage typically includes remote physical therapy appointments.

Education & Injury Prevention

Injury prevention involves stretching, training, and exercise. A physical therapist and athletic trainer can help you strengthen muscles, improve endurance, undertake balance training, and perform therapeutic exercise. Education combined with an exercise program and things like posture training can help patients lead a pain-free, active lifestyle.

Hand Therapy (CHT)

The upper extremities are most prone to injury. A certified hand therapist undergoes special training to help patients who have injuries or need postoperative rehabilitation. They work on pain management, grip, movement, flexibility, and other issues with complex hand injuries and simple fingertip injuries.

Specialty Services

There is also a wide range of specialized physical therapy services. The comprehensive care at JAG Physical Therapy centers includes treatments that are not common to other physical therapy clinics. For example:

PT at Home

When the patient cannot leave their house, it is easier for the licensed therapist to come to them. Physical therapists can bring all the necessary equipment with them to the patient's house. Also, a provider can help ensure that the patient's insurance covers the physical therapy treatment.

Athletic Training Services

Certified Athletic Trainers, ATs, are highly qualified, multi-skilled healthcare professionals specifically trained in the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical conditions in addition to emergent, acute, and chronic injuries. We provide skilled athletic training services in a variety of settings across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

JAG Physical Therapy Services

Professional physical therapy services provide support and guidance for people with acute injuries, chronic conditions, and other painful muscle, joint, and bone problems. Our physical therapists have the clinical training and experience to provide expert care for both simple and complex conditions.

You can contact JAG Physical Therapy to learn about available physical therapy services. You can also book an appointment today or find one of over 140 convenient locations near you.