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Physical Therapy for Elbow Fractures
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Physical Therapy for Elbow Fractures

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The elbow is one of the body’s most critical joints, affecting every motion we make with our arms. A fractured elbow, therefore, can put us out of commission for many of the activities that make up our lives every day. More than that, the elbow is part of a commonly-used, exposed extremity and forms a small, jutting point on the body, making it particularly at risk for injuries.

JAG Physical Therapy is the tri-state area’s compassionate, expert PT source for elbow rehabilitation. We treat elbow conditions using custom plans for everyone, taking into account the exact type of injury, symptoms, and lifestyle factors to get you back to doing the things you want and need as soon as possible. After you’ve seen a physician about an elbow injury, it’s critical to get rehabilitation for that elbow as soon as you can, so that you don’t accidentally exacerbate your condition and you can relieve your pain quickly.

Elbow Fracture Symptoms

A fractured elbow can have a variety of negative outcomes. Learn about the possible results below, or schedule an appointment with JAG PT right away to start your elbow recovery journey.

Elbow Pain

The pain from an elbow fracture can come from the traumatic injury itself, but also from the resultant inflammation and nerve compression.


Even after healing, an elbow fracture can cause the joint to become unstable, increasing the risk of conditions like dislocation and arthritis as well as resulting in a feeling of reduced “usefulness” of the arm and lessened confidence in moving it.


People who suffer traumatic injuries to the elbow can find that even once they heal, their arm’s mobility, flexibility, and strength is reduced – problems that can be overcome with the support of physical therapy.

Elbow Fracture Diagnosis

In order to diagnose an elbow fracture, a doctor will conduct a physical examination of the joint, as well as using imaging techniques such as an X-ray to determine the location and severity of the fracture. Typically, a traumatic injury to the elbow means that a fracture is suspected, but an elbow fracture can be in one of multiple parts of the joint.

Elbow Fracture Treatment in NY, NJ, and PA

At JAG PT, we use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help people who have suffered elbow fractures rehabilitate. These may include orthopedic rehabilitation methods, manual therapy to reduce pain in specific target areas, flexibility and range of motion training, aquatic therapy to help the joint move with gentle resistance and the support of water, and occupational therapy to train in the use of helpful adaptive devices. For some elbow fractures, surgery may be appropriate – that’s where our pre- and post-operative physical therapy comes in to make the surgical experience easier and recovery faster.

See a Physical Therapist to Treat Elbow Fractures

JAG Physical Therapy has many convenient locations all across NY, NJ, and PA. Whenever you need to rehabilitate an injury, we’re ready to work with you. Don’t delay your recovery – find your nearest location or schedule your initial appointment today.

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