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Physical Therapy for Groin Strain
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Physical Therapy for Groin Strain

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

Strains are one of the main types of injuries that athletes, playing at all levels, might face. These are partial tears to the tissue of a muscle, tendon, or both at the same time. In the case of groin strains, involving the muscles and tendons of the pelvis and thighs, athletes are especially at risk but anyone can fall victim to an accident and be injured in this way.

Although groin strains usually heal on their own with conservative treatment, they can be very painful, impede walking, and cause long-term weakness in the affected leg or legs. Consequently, both playing sports and simple daily activities are made more difficult overall. Physical therapy can be one of the best ways to relieve this pain and restore mobility and functionality more quickly. At JAG Physical Therapy, we are regional sports medicine, hip rehabilitation, and strain treatment experts serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, and we will design a custom rehabilitation plan designed to work for you and your lifestyle. Read more about groin strain treatment below or book your initial appointment today.

Symptoms of Groin Strain

The primary symptoms of any kind of muscle or tendon strain are pain, weakness, localized inflammation, and bruising. Since a groin strain is localized in the thighs, this naturally means that this type of strain makes walking more difficult until it heals sufficiently. The pain will typically be felt in the inner thigh up to where it connects with your hips and can get worse when you lift your knee or push your legs together. 

Groin Strain Treatment

Groin strains respond well to rehabilitative treatment as provided by a trained physical therapist. At JAG PT, we use a combination of different methods to bring the greatest possible relief. As directed by a physical therapist, icing the inner edge of the thigh, compressing the affected muscles with a wrap or brace, and taking anti-inflammatory medications can help in the immediate term.

Other treatments may include manual therapy to relieve symptoms in the most direct way, occupational therapy for assistance in using orthotics to walk better, relieve pain, or participate in sports, return to sport rehabilitation to get athletes back on the field in the safest way possible, and more.

See a Physical Therapist to Treat Groin Strain

At JAG PT, our expert and compassionate physical therapy staff can help you heal from a groin strain in the quickest, easiest, and most complete fashion. Contact us today or schedule an appointment – we can help you recover from a groin strain at any of our convenient locations throughout NY, NJ, and PA.

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