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Physical Therapy in Bay Ridge (5th Avenue), NY


JAG Physical Therapy
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Folashade crownFolashade crown
16:58 26 Jan 23
Ohhhh well Am Stephanie and let me say this boldly This location 9020 5th Ave jag PT is the place to be ...I have been suffering with lower back pain for a few yrs and I try all kinds of medication, specialist, chiropractor, injection, narcotics, you name the last thing I decided to do was physical therapy. Until my spine doctor told me to do some PT and if that don't work then my last resort is surgery...I came here and met ebony she was very attentive and lead me on to Neha , Sam and the rest of Staff they did a great job ?, very patience, polite, respectful and know what they are happy to say today I have no pain am doubt things I couldn't do am so so happy and thankful to 9020 5th Ave Jag staff ..God bless ? all of youStephanie!
Maily MonyMaily Mony
16:45 29 Dec 22
It is great place to get your physical therapy done in a professional way, great people very welcoming. I got the pleasure to have Georges Dgheim, he was very patient, kind , he would listen to me very well and advise me. All of the therapists are excellent. Definitely, would greatly recommend this practice and I wish I can give them 1000000000000 stars.Love,Ms. N.
Marina AvinoraMarina Avinora
03:49 10 Dec 22
I would like to take a minute to say something very important. Not a lot in our lives you find people who deserve a respect. At Jag George is one of those people who I believe deserves great respect because he grasped the physicality of human very well and demonstrated his perfection over and over. In addition he is very sympathetic guy. He is not indifferent to his patients pain. But he tries to do everything in order for his patients to understand that without the pain the results will none met. And last but not least is that it is not what you say but how you say it. George takes with his heart. It is one of the greatest place to be if you are recovering from your trouma. You don't believe me? Go and see it yourself.
Denise AgroDenise Agro
00:49 12 Nov 22
I’m having a wonderful experience at JAG! Neha and Sam are wonderful! Neha has been helping me get stronger. She is attentive and knowledgeable. Sam is a wonderful asset too. She always willing to help out. All staff members are pleasant and friendly!
Patrick OSullivanPatrick OSullivan
10:13 21 Aug 22
Jag one is # 1 ☝️ The people are the best. I’m glad I chose them. Thank you ?
Youssef AbdellatifYoussef Abdellatif
06:36 03 Aug 22
Amazing staff and place, would highly recommend to anyone needing physical therapy. I transferred to jag after i went there one visit with my father and i got to see the massive difference between their work and the other work of the physical therapy i was going to. They’re really friendly and care about their patients and try to do whats best to help. Dr. George has really helped with my post-surgical recovery, and helped get my shoulder’s motion back and moving again. After just 2 weeks here, i felt a big difference in my shoulder pain level and those few sessions has really helped me more then months of doing therapy elsewhere, and that’s all thanks to George. Highly appreciate you guys and the work you do!!
Evelyn VargasEvelyn Vargas
18:00 21 Jul 22
The workers are very thoughtful and helpful. They guide you through the exercises on your comfort level with patience and humor. The ladies at the reception desk up front are also kind, accommodating and respectful! I was initially concerned regarding PT but they make the necessary work well worth it!Thank you Jag!
Scott ResnickScott Resnick
12:05 20 Jul 22
Great physical therapist. See George he is excellent.
Por JoePor Joe
18:41 23 Jun 22
Therapists are friendly, thorough and concerning. I highly recommend Jag!
Barbara GeigerBarbara Geiger
17:30 18 Jun 22
Professional caring physical therapy office. If necessary exercises are modified to meet my needs. I highly recommend Neha & the rest of the physical therapy team.
Nick SerroNick Serro
10:16 12 Jun 22
Neha and her trainers have been terrific! I have had a lot of experience with PT and this is the best I've had so far. I had a revision of a total knee replacement and Neha takes the time to put together a well thought out program that the trainers implement with her supervision. The sessions have typically been 90 minutes as opposed to the 30 minutes I got elsewhere. I am VERY pleased.
Richard V. RussoRichard V. Russo
22:47 28 May 22
Compassionate, friendly, genuinely health-restoring, pain-relieving service! My wife and now I am benefiting from their professional expertise!
sha Riverssha Rivers
13:55 22 Jan 22
Very professional, friendly, an knowledgeable. This aint a few minute spot. They take their time with you talk to you an make sure your good.They definitely gonna have you back in good health..
Gloria ApplebyGloria Appleby
18:24 09 Sep 21
I highly recommend therapists Al and George at Jag One. They are both very skilled and knowledgeable. They really helped me get in shape for my shoulder surgery and then built me up after I had the surgery. Besides the surgeon, I attribute a part of the success of my surgery to Al and George. Additionally, the assistants, Phil, Vinnie and Sam were all helpful in keeping me ontrack with my program. The group is made up of caring and friendly people and because of this, they became like family to me.
May TirritoMay Tirrito
01:44 15 Jul 21
You need to look no further, this is a wonderful place! They have a supportive and caring staff. Let me start with Christina the receptionist who sets the tone with a warm welcoming smile and is always accommodating. Then there is Phil who also is very helpful and caring. He seems to love helping people. I don't have enough words to describe my physical therapist George. He is extremely knowledgeable. I'm amazed at how intuitive he is to all his patients needs. He is a great listener and truly motivates me and I know anyone that works with him would agree.. Thanks to George and the supportive of this facility I have made tremendous progress. I highly recommend this place as well as George.
Lukelin Cleo JulienLukelin Cleo Julien
11:03 02 Jul 21
Talk about people who knows what they’re about when it comes to Physical Therapy. I went in there filled with anxiety about my pains and the future of my job because of them. Al immediately pin pointed the most troubled area to work on besides what was written on my prescription .After years of not being able to climb stairs like a normal person would, I am now able to do this after a few weeks of Therapy. I am so happy I picked this location. I have much gratitude for the entire staff at Jag One. I wish all continued success in their lives and careers.

I’m so glad I found this place. I’ve been to PT before and it felt like a waste of time, but coming here has totally changed my opinion. The focus is on activity and exercise and Al is great about explaining why you’re doing certain exercises and what muscle groups you’re working to alleviate pain. The space is relatively small but well-utilized and even on busy evenings after work you still get one-on-one attention. The whole team is friendly, attentive, and energetic, and they genuinely care about how you’re feeling and celebrate your progress. They make the whole PT experience fun and enjoyable and I truly look forward to my sessions. – Amanda M.

Incredibly consistent, patient, encouraging and attentive physical therapy team headed by a very experienced clinical director with “magic hands”. I spent 3 months there doing shoulder rehab and was genuinely sad to leave. The place has a great vibe and everyone is extremely approachable and friendly 🙂 -Anthony M.

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