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Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan

JAG Physical Therapy Midtown: Bringing the Best Specialized PT to the City That Never Sleeps

Situated on Madison Avenue near Grand Central Station, JAG PT Midtown offers New Yorkers from all walks of life compassionate and effective physical therapy services with a variety of specialized methods. We’re proud to be a part of the Mt. Sinai Rehab Network, and no matter your lifestyle or musculoskeletal health conditions, our highly skilled PT staff will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that will allow you to meet your rehabilitation goals.

Although we offer a wide range of physical therapy modalities, some of our top specialties include:

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a breakthrough in exercise and rehabilitation technology, allowing users to get aerobic training while bearing much less weight than under normal gravity. Thanks to the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, patients recovering from injury or surgery can begin rehabilitation faster, athletes can get better results in training, and more.

Vestibular Therapy

The inner ear's vestibular system plays a vital role in everyday activities, maintaining our sense of balance. However, an impaired vestibular system can lead to potentially disruptive symptoms like dizziness and nausea. This is where JAG PT's vestibular therapy specialization can help – we train patients to restore their balance and rehabilitate from vestibular issues with confidence.

TMJ Physical Therapy

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is an important and sensitive area because it connects the jawbone to the skull. JAG PT’s TMJ specialists are skilled in relieving pain, spasms, and tightness in the temporomandibular area, helping our patients recover from associated issues like pain while eating and difficulty speaking.

To learn more about how JAG PT Midtown’s services can help you achieve your best physical health, contact us today.

JAG Physical Therapy
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Fred CarpentieriFred Carpentieri
16:12 20 Jan 23
Great environment and even better people! Had the pleasure of working with Erin and Dan and they are in a class of their own when it comes to providing Physical Therapy to patients. I recommend this location to everyone in need of some sort of physical treatment. They will work with you until you are 100% better than when you first came to them!
I’ve been to a few physical therapist offices over the course of 15 years and this for me by far is the best. Great location, clean facilities. They take their time, they actually listen to their patients. They have NEVER rushed me out and have even allowed me to do some extra things after my one on one session has ended. My main Therapist is Dan Spinelli but I’ve work with the other therapists as well. I feel the same comfort level when I do work with anyone else. The aides, front desk staff and therapists are all pleasant and helpful. They truly working together as a team to help me meet my goals during my recovery process. The atmosphere is relaxed. Quiet on some days, a little more lively on others but always a great place to be.
julie musicjulie music
23:23 19 Sep 22
This is long overdue. I cannot recommend this place enough to everyone and their grandmothers. I've been to many respectable physical therapy locations ( within Jag and other companies). However I have not received care quite like this at the Madison Ave location. I dealt with two different body parts and at both instances I was/am beyond thrilled to have this team by my side. From the moment you book your appointment with the wonderful administrative assistants (forgive me for not remembering names), you are treated with kindness and respect. Throughout the entire treatment process, you know you are being taken care of by best. Both Erin, Dan, and everyone who are helping out are keen to what you need and have great communication skills. The greatest part about the process is that they are goal oriented and see the big picture for you while keeping inline with any personal goals you set to achieve. As a space that deals with different bodies/sizes/shapes/ages/people, it is awesome of them not to contribute to fat phobic/diet culture ideals. This space feels more inclusive and should be a marker of how all physical therapies/gyms should practice. Additionally its nice to know that if one part of your body is not feeling well, (and might affect the body part in pt), they are more then happy and willing to come up with a creative solution that will help you achieve the mini goal at hand.Here is a list of what Dan and/or Erin ( and others of course again, forgive me for misplacing names ) have given and continue to give:- Clear Compassionate Direct Communication- Flexibility and Adjustments ( in scheduling and in training )- Focus with achieving your own pt goals- Collaborative ( It takes a village )- Treated seriously and not undermined- Patient- Being seen as someone who has the capability to do more then what looks like available- Viewing the body overall/wholisticaly and how it relates to the injury- Support- Knowledge and education on the issueTruthfully the way everyone has been working and continues to work in an active global pandemic, they all deserve a raise for being superb.I'd like to personally thank everyone one of them for shedding a light in what felt like was impossible to achieve during the injury.PS it is a great feeling that they(Erin), will answer any inquiry you have because they would like to fulfill your curiosity.- Your Friend Charles Barkley
Susan BellSusan Bell
16:05 12 Aug 22
Excellent care at JAG Physical Therapy at the Madison Ave. location. They make you feel comfortable and safe which is really important when you have an injury or condition. You won't feel like just another patient here.
Jose-Carlos LopezJose-Carlos Lopez
10:52 01 Aug 22
I just wanted to take the time to highly recommend the Jag Midtown clinic for being such an important keystone to my physical rehabilitation. Both Dan and Natalie demonstrated the upmost approachability and sense of urgency to truly go above and beyond to better my situation. Dan's work ethic, knowledge and professional demeanor goes unmatched.
Danielle T.Danielle T.
12:33 30 Jul 22
My physical therapy experience with Jag PT was great. Thankfully I only needed physical therapy short term, but the treatment was very effective, the exercises they teach can easily be repeated at home as well, the staff was very professional and friendly, & the site is very clean. They listened well to my concerns, and quickly helped me progress. I highly recommend them!!
Ronnie Diane ReimanRonnie Diane Reiman
16:04 27 Jul 22
Dan Spinelli and his team are remarkable I've been to innumerable physical therapists and never had such compassionate care by such kind and knowledgeable staff. I've made enormous progress in my ability to walk and with my balance issues. I can't say enough great things about them. If you're in pain or challenged in any way physically, be kind to yourself and come here: you'll be so satisfied Thanks JAGONE-MIDTOWN: you've given me a new life.
Lindita BrojaLindita Broja
03:10 08 Jul 22
Everything about Jag is great!My physical therapist Erin is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, very kind, thoughtful and very professional. Everything runs smoothly because she and her team make a great team work. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Vanessa MontillaVanessa Montilla
14:28 14 Jun 22
Dan and all the other therapists at JAG are really great! They're knowledgeable, attentive and dedicated to helping you to reach your goals. As a result of the sessions and by keeping up with the at-home exercises, I am feeling much better and back to my regular activities. I highly recommend them to anyone.
Christine StockChristine Stock
18:39 13 Apr 22
Dan Spinelli and his team at Jag are friendly, knowledgeable, patient and caring. I had microdiscectomy spin surgery on my L4/L5 and started therapy 5 weeks after surgery. Dan has put together a great treatment plan for me that has been slowly intensifying as I get stronger and heal. He listens, examines and watches you closely, adjusting the treatment as needed. I would highly recommend Dan Spinelli and everyone at Jag Physical Therapy Midtown!
David FernandezDavid Fernandez
04:33 30 Mar 22
PT Erin Harbison and her team at the Jag center (midtown location) have been great to work with. This was my first time going for physical therapy and I’ve been extremely pleased with the results and overall experience. Erin, from my initial visit, answered all my questions in easy to understand terms. She thoroughly checked my pain areas and developed a plan to improve my core strength and stability. The results have been more than positive so far.Erin and her staff are very knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly and make each visit quite enjoyable. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a physical therapist.The facilities are clean and well kept and the location is perfect coming from the outer boroughs. My experience here has been productive and enjoyable.
Taeko InoueTaeko Inoue
21:47 28 Dec 21
Erin is wonderful physical therapist. I got referred by pain management doctor after I got an injection for my sciatica pain. She noted details what I needed, her guides made me less pain and my leg flexibility. I also like positive energy from the team.
mariana ghevizamariana gheviza
16:26 01 Dec 21
The physical therapist, Dan Spinelli is very knowledgeable and caring, he pointed out from the first appointment from where my problem is coming from and he was right. I already feel better with the program that he created for me!The front desk lady, Czarina was very helpful when I called the fist time to make the appointment, which was the next day, also always welcoming and very nice!All the aides are very caring and nice in helping me with my exercises!I thank you all for helping me to get better!I am very thankful that I came to Jag Madison Avenue for my physical therapy!I would recommend with confidence and all my heart Jag Madison Avenue as your physical therapist!
John VaccaroJohn Vaccaro
11:44 09 Oct 21
Very helpful staff who spend time with you and help you achieve your goals.

If you have an injury and want to become bionic — physical therapy at Jag. Top-quality competency and professionalism. Understand goals/objectives and the path to achieve them. Game changers for my shoulder and life. Ready to return to competitive sailing and my shoulder can do bonus movements I gave up years ago (sleeping on my stomach). I have more energy now that I don’t have to coddle my shoulder so much. Who knew?! Plus these folks can help figure out insurance. Shoutout to front-of-house staff. All part of the full picture of pursuing health treatment. Sad to leave, but my goals have been met, I’m back in action, and in the best shape of my life. Big shout-out to DJ, Jenny, Paul, Claire, Dan! I owe you forever. If I had to do it all over again? — I’d go with these people. For future need, I’ll contact them first. Would I recommend them to others? — Yes. Already recommended them to +3 friends so far. Under ordinary circumstances, I don’t give out recommendations. JAG are far above ordinary. -Lisa Y.

It feels like a miracle. I really did get my full and active life back. Full recovery from my knee injury: I am dancing, biking and walking. Katherine, DJ, Paul, Jenny, Tai and Vanessa made every visit count. Their knowledge, skill and attention to the mechanics of the therapy was just the beginning. Their care, kindness and joy infused every interaction, creating a safe place for healing and renewal. I am thrilled to be back in the dance! -Anne Marie E.

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