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Sports Medicine in NY, NJ, & PA

The Sports Medicine Team at JAG Physical Therapy treats a full range of sports-related injuries to help athletes stay fit and healthy. Our sports medicine experts have the knowledge and experience to get you back in the game and help you stay there.

At JAG PT, we know injury prevention and athletic training are always Plan A. Working with a sports medicine physical therapist is one of the best ways to stay healthy and playing the sports you love. We help you manage the physical stress of your sport, to reduce the risk of injury.

While prevention is Plan A, sports injuries can happen. When they do, our return to sport specialists deliver high-quality care for your expedient and safe injury recovery.

We serve athletes at over 100 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Contact us online to learn more or to request an appointment.

Causes of Athletic Injuries

Shoulder injury, stress fractures, knee injury, and bone fractures are among the wide range of injuries that an athlete may experience. Some of the most common reasons for sports trauma include:

  • Overuse. Chronic wear and tear of joints, muscles, and tendons can cause pain and affect an athlete's ability to perform well.
  • Imbalanced training sessions. Athletes risk severe pain and chronic injury when they overtrain certain parts of their bodies while ignoring others.
  • Improper rehabilitation. Effective treatment includes healing of damaged structures and tissues, followed by reconditioning of the musculotendinous complex.
  • Sports trauma. One-third of all student-athletes will experience an injury related to playing sports.

Most Common Conditions of Sports Injuries

Chronic conditions like muscle pain and low bone density can happen when people lead active lifestyles. Recreational athletes run the same risks for injuries that can lead to common conditions as professional athletes. 

Some of the other common conditions from sports injuries are:

Sports Injury Therapy & Treatments

Our multidisciplinary team of physical therapists and sports injury specialists can help athletes reduce the risk for sports injuries that can end their season — or their career — early. Among the sports injury therapy and treatments our team of sports medicine professionals can administer include:

  • Injury Prevention — Our sports medicine team helps you train hard while preventing injury, so you’re in peak condition throughout the season. We help athletes avoid invasive surgery by focusing on preparing for the stresses of their chosen sport before they lead to injury.
  • Gait Analysis — Runners with improper gaits risk pain and injury to their backs, feet, hips, and knees. Our gait analysis service helps runners assess their ranges of motion when running and walking, providing strategies for improving their gaits.
  • Return to Sport — Getting back in the game can be intimidating after suffering a traumatic injury. A successful recovery requires a rehabilitation plan that addresses your individual needs as an athlete, ensuring you return to sport as swiftly as possible, but not before your bodies can handle it.
  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill — As leaders in sports medicine, JAG PT is pleased to offer athletes the opportunity to achieve faster rehabilitation and safer conditioning with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This method reduces impact on your body while reducing pain during rehabilitation.

Stay in the game, with JAG PT athletic training services and sports medicine

JAG PT is proud to be the official Physical Therapy Provider of both high profile teams, like the NJ Devils and NYCFC, and youth leagues like NJ Youth Soccer. Whether you’re a pro or just getting into your game, athletes who rely on JAG PT sports medicine services receive the same individualized attention and excellent care.

Contact us online, find a JAG PT location near you, or request an appointment today. We’re here to help athletes in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania get back in, and stay in, the games you love.

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