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Physical Therapy in Linden, New Jersey

JAG PT Linden: Personalized, Compassionate Care and Physical Therapy

Located on West Edgar Road, JAG Physical Therapy in Linden is a clinic that offers a wide variety of services to treat multiple conditions, as well as a commitment to treat every patient with the highest level of care.

Our approach is to evaluate each patient on an individual basis and create a personalized plan that will best address your conditions so you can get back to the life you love.

While the services and treatments we offer are numerous, below are a few of our specializations:

TMJ Physical Therapy Treatment

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder is a grouping of conditions that cause pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles. Our TMJ physical therapy works to relieve the symptoms of temporomandibular dysfunction and ensure that you are returning to your daily activities, feeling stronger and pain free.

Women’s Health Services

Women have unique musculoskeletal health needs in all stages of their life that require knowledgeable and compassionate specialists to treat with the utmost of care. Learn more on how JAG PT’s specialists conduct physical therapy to improve and enhance women’s health.

Balance\Gait Analysis

Research indicates that practicing and refining your walking pattern (gait) along with specific exercises can enhance muscle memory and lower the risk of typical running-related injuries like runner's knee and stress fractures. Working on gait with a physical therapist can lead to enhancements in running technique, balance, and overall mobility. This proactive approach aids in safeguarding the musculoskeletal system and prolonging your capacity to run effectively for years to come.

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