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Industrial Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

If you are in the Tri-State area, JAG Physical Therapy can provide you with a supportive and welcoming environment for pre-injury and post-injury physical therapy, as well as post-offer employment testing and functional capacity (fit-for-duty) evaluations

Our professional physical therapists and friendly staff will support your efforts to reduce pain and get your life back to normal following the trauma of a workplace injury.

To get started, browse our Industrial Rehabilitation services below, contact our team, or contact one of our over 100 JAG PT location near you in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.

JAG PT Workplace-Related Services

  • Post Offer Employment Testing — We offer screening to ensure that workers are able to complete the tasks necessary for their job's physical requirements.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) — Our experienced Physical/Occupational therapist will ensure that your claimant can perform physical job tasks based on the job description.
  • Workers' Comp Physical Therapy: Post-Injury — Our licensed physical therapists can provide care and guided therapeutic exercise so that you can recuperate, avoid chronic pain, and recover from your injury.
  • Workers' Comp Physical Therapy: Pre-Injury — We also provide a wellness and exercise program that helps workers avoid injuries and maintain the physical ability and fitness necessary to perform their job's physical requirements. .

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Physical Therapy for a Workplace injury

Our experienced physical/occupational therapists will create a treatment program that includes a home exercise program in conjunction with an aggressive hands–on treatment plan program to manage pain and ensure rehabilitation.

We will document the claimant’s progress, report compliance, and communicate to the referral source.

At JAG PT, our experienced staff will customize a treatment program that is specific to the claimant’s injury, job tasks, & help to reduce pain. We will achieve the necessary functional improvement to return the employee back to work safely and efficiently.

We offer hands-on physical therapy and well-equipped rehabilitation centers.

Get Professional Workers’ Comp Services in NY, NJ & PA

At JAG PT, we have extensive experience and offer a full range of workplace-related physical therapy services. You can start a treatment plan with JAG PT physical therapists as soon as possible after your injury, or a proactive pre-injury program to prevent on-the-job injuries before they happen.

Employers can be proactive and expedient with their workers’ compensation programs, thorough JAG PT’s Post-Offer Employment Testing and Functional Capacity Evaluations (fit-for-duty testing).

Find a JAG PT location near you in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, or contact our team online to get started with professional workers’ compensation physical therapy services today.

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