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What is Industrial Rehabilitation?

When someone suffers an injury, contracts an illness, or is in recovery from a surgery that makes it difficult to resume work in their careers, that person will need specialized care. It is in situations like this, and other times when physical therapy is relevant to business, that industrial rehabilitation services are valuable.

In brief, industrial rehabilitation is a cluster of disciplines that help injured or disabled people return to work safely or adapt to their particular work tasks with their physical condition in mind. JAG PT provides expert physical therapy in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, including a range of industrial rehab services.

Industrial rehabilitation also includes physical and orthopedic therapeutic services that can help employers make decisions, like post-offer, pre-employment testing (POET), pre- and post-injury physical therapy, and functional capacity evaluations. Contact JAG PT to learn more about how we can help you or your business with these critical needs, or read on to learn more about industrial rehabilitation.

Types of Industrial Rehabilitation Services

One of the main categories of industrial rehab services is evaluations, which can include analysis of muscle conditioning, determining the extent of workplace injuries or physical trauma, plans to restore physical function, tips for preventing injury, and more. When an employee applies for worker’s compensation, JAG PT’s skilled physical therapists can expertly provide an analysis of that employee’s condition and how that might affect their compensation eligibility. 

Functional capacity evaluations (FCE) are also an important service under this category – a PT can readily assess someone’s fitness for their specific job’s duties after an injury or before beginning a strenuous employment position.

JAG PT can also help employers evaluate their facilities with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations in mind and consult about any necessary modifications to keep employees safe from injury risks and remain in compliance with state and federal laws.

Many people want to do whatever they can to return to work – and overall get back to their normal lives – after an injury. JAG Physical Therapy can help accomplish this goal with aggressive return-to-work rehab, utilizing a variety of specialized PT techniques as needed, including occupational therapy practices, concussion rehabilitation, and much more.

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